First-Year Writing Program

As part of the General Education Program (GEP) in Writing and Speaking, most NC State students will take either one (ENG 101) or two (ENG 100 and ENG 101) writing courses in their first year.  Although only ENG 101 fulfills the university‚Äôs graduation requirement in first-year writing, ENG 100 is offered for students who feel they would benefit from additional preparation and experience with college-level writing before enrolling in ENG 101. Students who successfully complete ENG 100 earn 4 hours of elective credit for the course. These courses should be completed during the first year of enrollment at NC State.

Next Steps:

All students should visit the first-year writing placement chart to determine if they are exempt from the first-year writing requirement (ENG 101) based on a standardized test score submitted to NC State as part of their application process.

Students who are not exempt from ENG 101 based on a standardized test score should carefully review the typical placement scenarios located directly under the placement chart. These scenarios will help students determine if they should begin their instruction in ENG 100, enroll directly in ENG 101, or enroll in ENG 202 (for students with at least 3 hours of approved transfer credit in English composition).

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ENG 100 (Reading and Writing Rhetorically)
ENG 101 (Academic Writing and Research)
ENG 202 (Disciplinary Perspectives in Writing)

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