Welcome to our Online Young Writers Workshop at NC State University! This first of its kind workshop is from the comfort of your own home! Young Writers Workshop is back in person this year, but limited courses will still be offered this year. Three-week self-paced courses are just $179 each. 

Registration opens here starting on April 1. Courses are $179 each. Most students take one course at a time, but if you wish to take two courses the total discounted cost for two is $300.   

1-2 live meetings will be scheduled between 10AM and 4PM EST. Guest authors are Wednesday at 4:00 PM EST. 

Benefits to Online Workshops

With an additional week added on, instruction is spaced out and students have more time to reflect. There are multiple activities each week including discussion forums, direct submission of work to the instructor, video lectures and tutorials, and live video meetings. While the weekly live meeting will be in real time, this is not a synchronous course where students need to be logged on at the same time all of the time. This type of online workshop is self-paced and disciplined, but this approach is often a benefit to many learners.    

The three week online workshops provide the following:

  • an additional week longer than our traditional program at a lower price
  • more flexibility and independence for students to work at their own pace
  • dynamic instruction from experienced online instructors with user-friendly technology 
  • credible published authors as instructors
  • Q & A with guest authors
  • personalized feedback on your work
  • opportunity to share your work with your peers 
  • opportunity to win prizes (from books to t-shirts to future tuition discounts)

See last year's 2020 workshop descriptions HERE

This year's descriptions are posted in Reporter where you register. 

2022 Online Courses (July 11-29)

Course title, age group, instance section number

Introduction to Creative Writing  (age 12-14)  02 Online

Creating Characters  (age 14-18)  03   T/R  Online  

Fiction  (age 12-14)  04  T/TH 11:00 AM  Online

Fiction  (age 15-19)  05  T/TH 1:00 PM  Online

Poetry  (age 13-17) 06  Online

Register for a 2022 ONLINE COURSE HERE on April 1!

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